Banner-1aWelcome to Nottinghamshire Coalfield Banners Trust (NMBT)

The aim of the NCBT is to work with youngsters all over the county of Nottinghamshire. We aim to raise funds to restore the Coalfield Banners and to display them for the community. We will also produce replica banners which can be transported around the area.

We shall use the Coalfield Banners as an incentive to engage with youngsters and then to raise awareness of the coal mining history, the legacy of the area and the contribution to the lives and economy of the community.

We shall work with schools across the county, offering them visits, workshops and interactive website opportunities to help the youngsters become successful members of the community.

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The Banners have long been associated with coal mining and its heritage. Most pits had their own banners which depicted the pit and its men. The banners were a symbol of the solidarity and hardship often faced down the pits.

The banners were used in parades and galas across the coalfields. Miners and their families, often dressed in their ‘Sunday best’ would walk behind the banners through their villages.



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