Hucknall no.1: 1861/62 to 1986

Hucknall was known as a mining town from 1861 to 1986.  As soon as the sinking of the coal mines took place it created the need for housing.  Hucknall as we know it now is a Market Town and grew from its original status as a Village.  The pit shafts were sank by the Hucknall Colliery Company, sinking two shafts, Hucknall No. 1 colliery (known locally as “Top Pit”) in 1861 and then Hucknall No. 2 Colliery (known again locally as “Bottom Pit”) in 1866. Hucknall No. 1 pit was closed by 1943, but the No. 2 Colliery eventually closed in 1986.