Langton: 1844/46 to 1968

Situated between Kirkby and Pinxton with underground workings to Bentinck pit. The shaft at Langton Colliery was sunk from 1842 and went 487 yards deep but closed in 1966. Although coal mining ceased at Langton they kept one of the shafts open for the purpose pumping mine water out from the pit bottom until the late 80’s when this was taken over by Bentick.

In October 2014 the colliery site (60 acres approx) was sold off following coal recovery and reclamation scheme. Coal that had been extracted from underground was screened but many of the spoil heaps created from by-products of coal mining were generally to the side of the mines. Today this is an example that re-screening material on the heaps (known to many as slag tips) is financially beneficial as there were many a lump of coal made its way in to the heaps then covered in earth to make man made hills. There is a fishing pond immediately to the side of the site were miners would have enjoyed some leisurely time.