Lodge 1876/80 to 1896 and 1915 to 1960

Lodge Colliery was at Giltbrook and was known by all as ‘Billy Halls Pit’.Billy Hall's Pit

Billy Hall’s Pit

There’s a highway running through Billy Hall’s Pit
But the coal and the miners have gone,
It now looks a boring landscape,
Where once it paid father and son.

It’s not that the pit paid good wage
Or conditions were fair to a man,
A coalminer’s life and being a coalminer’s wife
Was hard since the pit began.

I’ve seen them walk the meadow path’s,
Too tired to spit on the floor,
That long, long journey from Billy’s Pit,
Up Bridge Street to their front door.

Their faces all black with coal dust,
All you could see was their gloom,
Knee pads still fastened to weary legs,
With pit boots they walked from the tomb.

That was life in those days at the pit,
Working hard for your daily bread,
But now there’s a sign in the grass by the road
Saying, “Billy Hall’s pit is dead’’.

(Author unknown)