Newstead: 1873/74 to 1987

Newstead Colliery’s history was to begin in 1874 when two 13ft diameter shafts were sunk by the Newstead Colliery Company. This was very close to Newstead Abbey, once the home of Lord Byron which added plenty of woory as the abbey is a glorious stately home. The ‘old village’ was built in 1875 to house miners and their families and a year later the first coal was produced. Workshops and stores were built in 1880 and in the 1890s electricity was generated to light the pit bottom and around the pithead and screens. In 1924 the ‘new village’ was completed providing accommodation for around 1,200 men. The welcome of the Pithead baths were added in 1935 and was to cater for over 1500 men, with a canteen and medical centre to follow several years later. The Colliery had favourable geological conditions and production grew steadily, even during the 1930s and the Depression. Between the two World Wars production remained high.